Take it with you to the beach to clean sandy feet, help get into your wakeboard/ski boots, or rinse down your surf board.



Pack it for your weekly baseball, soccer, or football game to be sure you stay cool between matches.



You don't have to pour out the entire water bottle anymore just to cool off during your run! Our conservation technology helps conserve on the go.


Emergencies can come out of nowhere when you're hunting and camping outdoors. Bottle Blasters can be there in a pinch!


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  • I love the Bottle Blaster to wash my puppy’s feet off after he goes outside and before he comes into the house on my new carpet.
    — Jane, Austin, TX
  • Ice on your windshield? Bottle Blasters is PERFECT for it! I defrosted three cars in under 5 minutes before heading to work. It’s convenient, lightweight, and easily fits into my purse. This accessory is a MUST have item #brilliant
    — Tish, Nashville, TN
  • I would not go hunting with out it as it’s a must have to get mud, blood, and game off your hands when you are out in the middle of nowhere.
    — James, Chicago, IL
  • Every time I go for my weekend run I carry my Bottle Blasters cap with me. It's so nice to be able to take it with me and be able to cool off mid-run. Love it.
    — Stephen, Fort Worth, TX
  • I'm an avid hunter and this thing is perfect for cleaning stuff off of my hands in the field. Dirt and stuff always winds up on them and now I've got this things to help me clean it up.
    — Jonathan, Milwaukee, WI
  • I LOVE Bottle Blasters! No more over or under watering my plants. This accessory enables me to easily gauge and conserve water as I grow my potted plants, indoors or out. My window boxes and herbs have never looked SO GOOD!!!
    — Stephanie, Miami, FL