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Hey there!  Heath and Jenn Hill are from Rockwall, Texas and are the creators of Bottle Blasters. We wanted to share with you how we got this thing started. A missionary told Heath that God was going to give him an invention to take to market that would make millions of dollars to fund mission work. Heath thought he was crazy, as he had never invented anything in his life. How on earth could this be true?

A couple of months went by and on a yearly hunting trip, Heath, along with  two sons, Hayes (14) and Holt (9) needed to clean their hands after a long day of hunting.  With nothing but a bottle of water nearby, the hunting guide  poked 3 holes into the top of a water bottle and was able to clean all 4 of their hands using only a quarter of the bottle.

That’s when the light bulb went off, and Bottle Blasters was created!

With the use of 9 little holes, you get a shower stream effect useful in SO many situations life may throw at you, from watering your houseplants, to cooling off during a long day of fishing...the options are endless.  We've EVEN seen a Barbie's hair being washed with one of our bottle caps!

It is our goal to help take care of a problem you didn't even know existed. All the while, conserving up to 90% of your bottle of water with a Bottle Blasters cap.

We like to say that we are THE smallest Big Idea that's come along in a LONG time!